Midweek meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


Our usual folks braved the very cold and snowy weather in Airdrie this week to meet together. We had some up to date reports from a couple of people before Rae led some quiet worship songs. John spoke from Malachi 1 and Romans 9. The theme was on taking up our birthright. John used the similarities between Jacob and Esau and whether we are taking responsibility for the promises God has given us. We then spent some time worshipping Him and looking to that day when we shall meet Him. Tea and biscuits followed.  Another lovely evening spent in fellowship with one another. God is good! 



Mark was in charge as Pauline was having a wee holiday! Our new friend who came last week was there again.


We had up to date reports at the beginning tonight. John shared how happy he is that we have started the work in Newmains, how he has been praying for God to move in the community for years and feels we could be part of the answer to his prayers. Kim shared about telling his testimony to his barber today. Leah then took some singing which was very good. It was an easy atmosphere to then preach in. Mark spoke from scattered verses in Exodus 33-34 about having a hunger for God and revival. He was very pleased with the atmosphere and could see folks really tuning into it. We had a nice prayer time and worship time at end. There was a message in tongues which was interpreted. The message was along similar lines of the preaching. We sang a song to close. Our new friend enjoyed the meeting a lot and has taken a couple of leaflets away with him.



Our Coatbridge gathering were fewer in numbers than usual.  Update reports were given from all who attended, including encouraging reports from 2 of our newer folks.

We heard a testimony to the baptism in the Holy Spirit before Carol brought a bible study approach to one of the 5 cases in the Bible of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. 

We had a discussion time at the end with some interesting observations and questions being asked.

We turned to prayer and once again God moved in His wonderful way and blessed our newest friend in bringing him into his baptism in the Holy Spirit.

We give thanks to God for blessing our gathering this night and we give Him all the praise and glory.

Thank you to all who keep our local group in prayer.