Toddlers update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Another busy morning at Toddlers with 19 children and 22 adults joining us for the session.

At craft the children made little figures of their best friend. During this  time they chatted about their friends. Lots of free play including the bouncy castle, building bricks, cars and ponies and much more. Marie took the little ones for singing while Annette and Laura took the older ones for singing and the story.

Today it was about Jesus and his friends going up to Jerusalem. Two of his friends found him a donkey and Jesus rode on it as the people welcomed him by waving branches. The children learned a song, and as we sang it they acted out the story. They listened and sang very well.

We celebrated two birthdays during snack and Brian finished off our time together with some parachute games. A big thank you to all who helped to clear up afterwards.