Toddler update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had a lovely time this morning with 18 children and 18 adults joining us for a busy session. Many of the children decorated boxes to look like treasure chests, this was much enjoyed by parents and the children. We had our usual free play as part of our activities.

Singing for the youngest was taken by Karen and Rosemary while some of the older ones had their Bible story. The children brought in their own treasure boxes to show before the story. Today it was the story Jesus told of the man finding treasure in a field and what he did to get that treasure for himself. Annette showed them a treasure box filled with jewels and coins. We then asked one of our little boys to climb into a huge treasure box we had. Annette explained that he was just like treasure too and that many things like mums and dads are like treasure also. They listened really well. Laura then took some singing and action games with them.

After snack Maria ended the time with some parachute games.