Friday youthwork

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had a quieter night this week with just over 20 children. Leah took a few songs at the beginning. Tiffies then spoke on the verse ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’. She used a glass of lemonade and a glass of water and asked the children to add raisins to each glass. In the water the raisins sank and in the lemonade the force of the bubbles made the raisins float and pushed them up when they began to sink. She made the point that the raisins made no effort, it was the power of the bubbles that made the difference. This was linked to our dependency on Christ, and that by no effort of our own we can overcome because of His strength. Children listened very well and there was a lovely quietness as Scott closed in prayer. We then had fun with cupcake decorating and games.

In our student zone, Lauren organised some games to begin. Tiffies then introduced the story of Jesus and Barabbas before showing a video clip that really highlighted the gospel and how Barabbas represents our own lives in many ways. Scott summed up by speaking about his own experiences of trying to change in his own effort and realising he needed God to change him. We then had a very nice time of prayer and worship to close before having some supper together to finish off.