Outreach Meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


Airdrie folks were in good voice again this week as John led us in some very good singing. Rae then brought a very lovely word from John 13 on how Christ showed the full extent of His love by washing the disciples feet. He set us this example for us to follow. We also looked at the new commandment Christ gave us, to love each other as Christ loves us. Our love for one another will prove to the world that we are His disciples.  We then had a lovely time of worship before finishing with a nice cup of tea. Its so good to fellowship with others who belong to God's family.


A good number of locals gathered in Newmains Gospel Hall on Wednesday night.

We began with a short time of singing at the beginning. Danni gave an excellent testimony and brought out some very relevant points for the new folks. Pauline then spoke giving a summary of each sermon from the Welsh conference and then focussed on verses in the Psalms including ‘I have set the Lord always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken’. She spoke very well giving practical advice that would have been very useful for the new folks, teaching how to stay under the shelter of God and follow Him, obeying His voice. There was a short prayer time to end led by Mark and then he handed over to Pauline to close. The atmosphere really deepened as she closed in prayer. There was a lovely sense of the covering of His Presence coming down on us in quietness. At the end some of the newer folks came for prayer. One lady came into the beginnings of her baptism in the Spirit speaking quietly in tongues. She seemed very touched with what she’d found. A second came for prayer to stop smoking. We encouraged him to focus on the Cross and find his victory there. Great atmosphere as we prayed.


A small number of us gathered in Jim’s house.

We began with our usual up to date reports which were mixed; some finding God consistently whilst others are struggling to keep their head above water with personal difficulties. Diana Rutherford then shared some verses from Hebrews 7:16 ‘One who has become a priest ... on the basis of the power of an indestructible life.’

We discussed the fact that Christ was indestructible because He had faced death and risen again. We looked at the ways in which Satan tries to destroy our lives but he cannot destroy the Christ within us. As we remain in Him then we are strong and grow stronger with each right choice we make. There followed a wonderful time of prayer to close. The Holy Spirit revealing the indestructible nature and power of God to us. We all benefited from being in God’s Presence.

As usual our hosts provided an excellent supper and we had a happy time of fellowship together before going home.