by Struthers Cumbernauld

We started this evening with a good time of singing. People were in good voice and it was a good start to the meeting. A number of people then gave some up to date reports of how God had been moving in their lives over the past week which was encouraging. Pauline spoke on the Holy Spirit being our advocate and our defence. She gave numerous examples of this from the Bible and from more recent times, including stories from the lives of Hugh Black and Richard Wurmbrand. A very encouraging word full of hope. We closed with a time of prayer and worship which was very good: a real sense of the beauty and draw of Christ came upon us as we worshipped Him.


by Struthers Cumbernauld

It was a very busy session this morning with 25 children and 26 adults joining us.

During free play the children made new baby cards, as our theme for the session was Mothers and Babies.

Rosemary took the younger ones for singing while Annette took the older ones. She showed lots of photographs of adult and baby animals which the boys and girls had great fun identifying.

She spoke of the fact that God made all the animals as well as mums, dads and children. We sang some animal songs including ‘If I were a butterfly’. The children participated very well.

After snack Maria took the children for a short games session while the adults tidied up.

Another great time together enjoyed by all.

Family Music Outreach

by Struthers Cumbernauld

This week our usual Friday Club was replaced with a family service with lots of singing pieces from our children, young people and church choir. Our service began with a lively rendition of ‘I am a lighthouse’ which got lots of reluctant adults onto the platform! The kids thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to embarrass their parents. This was followed by the children singing a number of favourite action songs. They were in great voice and did very well. We then had some lovely singing items from our teens who sang beautifully. Tiffies then gave a short testimony to salvation before the church choir came to sing two very good pieces. Diana spoke briefly about the prodigal son and gave a very clear message for both children and adults of what it means to come to Christ and the welcome that is waiting for each of us. There was a lovely atmosphere as she closed in prayer. We finished by singing ‘Stronger’ together. The children blasted the adults out of the water as they sang their all time favourite with great gusto!

Almost everyone waited for the supper provided in the bookshop at the end of the evening. During this part, one of our long standing parents, whom we have known for many years, spoke with Diana Rutherford and came to Christ. We are delighted with this. Other parents and families were very warm and responsive regarding the service and the youth work in general. There was a very happy atmosphere and a lovely presence of God over the whole night. We are ever grateful for His faithfulness to us in this work and appreciate continued prayers for these children and their families.



by Struthers Cumbernauld


A quieter session with 18 adults and 17 children joining us for a very happy  morning.

We had lots of free play, as usual, during which the children iced biscuits and added a marshmallow and sweets to make piggy biscuits. Rosemary helped the children with this activity. They also made cotton wool sheep at the craft table. Our theme was farm animals.

We had our usual big sing along and all the children came together for that as some of the older ones were on pre school visits.

Snack followed and we finished of with some lively games and a bubbles activity. 

It was lovely to have our newest baby join us today for the first time. Another good morning had by all.