Sunday Services  


We have two services every Sunday. In the morning,  the service starts at 10.30am and includes Communion.  Sunday morning service can cater for all ages with a Creche and Sunday Schools catering for the younger members of the Church.  See details below.

The Sunday evening service also caters for all ages and is very much geared for visitors.  The younger members of the congregation have their chance to do their ‘own thing’ by taking part in our ‘Dawn Treaders’ activities, see below for more information.   The Coffee Bookshop is also opened after the service and this allows for everyone to sit and chat with friends in a relaxed atmosphere.  

You will find that you are made most welcome at any of our Sunday Services.


Our creche runs on a Sunday morning for children aged 0-2 years old. Creche arrangements are not made regularly on a Sunday evening, however, where required a creche will be provided.



Sunday School

Our Sunday school runs for children aged 3- 10 years old. Children take part in activities related to the stories of the Bible. Some recent activities have included making wall displays showing Bible stories, designing and making Old Testament clothing and biscuit decorating. The aim of our Sunday school is to teach children the truths of the Bible, and the importance of displaying these truths in the way we live; caring for one another, forgiving others, putting Jesus first in our lives. It is a very lively, fun and happy environment where children are active and very much encouraged to contribute to discussions and ask questions.


Dawn Treaders

Our Sunday evening provision for children found it’s name from the Adventures of Narnia, where the children in the story set of on an exciting voyage in the ship called the Dawn Treader. Sunday evenings are very much a fun night where primary aged children are catered for. Activities include games, crafts and baking. As with all aspects of our youth work, the central focus of our Sunday evening is the Christian faith. It is a slightly less structured format from that of our Sunday school, but a time where children learn the importance of working as part of a team and can be relaxed in a happy environment where all are valued.