Thought for the week by Ailsa

by Struthers Cumbernauld

"I have set before you an open door and no man can shut it"

Revelation ch3 v8

I read a CS Lewis quote back in January which has stayed with me all year. It very simply asked the rhetorical question "supposing we really found Him?" I don't know what kind of impression that makes on others, but it fills me with expectation. Suppose I found Him today in my quiet time? Suppose I found Him in one of our church meetings? Do you see? He is giving us opportunity to seek to enter into a deeper relationship with Him. At times, the Holy Spirit urges us to move forward, and it is through that 'open door'. Although Christ said that no man can shut that door, we can chose to side step it because we're afraid that it might mean more commitment than we're willing to give. But any commitment we make for Him will be worth it, because He will lead us into the life of God, and we will begin to know Him. Going back to the quote, "supposing we really found Him" well, suppose we found Him this week? Suppose we set ourselves the goal to seek for that open door? Then we might 'really' find Him. Not just in part, not just a few moments in His presence which makes us feel better, but really finding Him. Amen.