Thought For The Week by Pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld

'The one who makes men holy.' Hebrews 2:11

What a lovely phrase on which to meditate. Christ is the one who changes us, not only to be better people, but to become holy, even as God is holy. This is the whole point of coming to Christ; that we might be made acceptable to Him. Holiness is a beautiful aspect of Christ's personality. We cannot imitate it by talking in hushed, reverent tones or by walking in a calm manner. It is a quality that comes within our spirits. Holiness causes us to love purity more than carnality; to love God and His presence. We know He is making us holy when we suddenly discover the old desires are no longer a temptation to us. The thought of living the old life, indulging in the past pleasures are no longer interesting. What a miracle that is!

Every christian is meant to strive for this place of holiness. It is a sign we are truly saved. If you are a christian but have no desire for holiness, make sure you are really born again! Every life should be seeking for this. It's not an easy goal to achieve and there can be many discouragements and failings along the way, but we should still press on!

Remember when the way is difficult, He is the one who makes men holy. You do your best, but when you have done all you can, God will perform the miracle that only He can. He will make you holy. Then we will be one with our God and we will truly live to glorify His Name.