Thought For the Week by Pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld

I am the lily of the valleys.  Song of Songs 2:1

The Lily of the Valley is a small, delicate flower which grows in our gardens.  It speaks to us of a fragile beauty and purity.  The flowers, which are many, are hidden within large leaves and one has to look carefully to catch sight of their loveliness.

It is the same with Christ.  We often have to look carefully to catch a glimpse of the facets of the personality of our Saviour.  He often appears to be hidden and it is with much seeking that we discover the beauty and purity that is within Him. 

Purity is a very attractive quality.  The longer you are on the Christian pathway the more you desire to find it.  There is a purity in nature, in an early morning sunrise, when the world is new again, but when you catch a glimpse of the purity of Christ it is breath-taking!  It fills the soul with utter satisfaction.  There is something indescribable in its attraction and impact on the spirit.

Unfortunately, in our day and generation, purity is something that is seen to be old fashioned and unnecessary.  It is a quality that is not sought in the Christian's life and as a result the Christian is often powerless and weak.  One of Mr Hugh Black's favourite quotes was 'Purity and Power go hand in hand.'  There is no greater weapon against our enemy than the Purity of the Son of God.

Take time to meditate on verses about purity in your Bibles; look them up in your concordance and meditate on them until they become food for the soul.  If even for one moment you catch a glimpse of Christ in His whiteness, if His purity flashes across your spirit for even a second, you will yearn after it all your days.  It is like catching a glimpse of eternity; it fills the soul with light, strength and joy.