Thought for the week by pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld

'Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning.'

Luke 12:35

In these days the church has to embrace this command of Christ. This is no time for laziness, doubt or compromise! We must fulfil this command.
First, 'be dressed', reminds me of the verse in Acts 1 which says 'after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you you shall be clothed with power' (v8). So, we are expected to be living in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the first part of the command of Christ. Are you ready for this? Have you sought the Holy Spirit's power for today? Are you baptised in the Holy Spirit? Are you clothed with His power? Don't go any further if you haven't; instead wait for the 'promise' (Acts 1:4) to be given to you.
Secondly, 'be ready for service.' Our lives need to be de-cluttered so we are free to do what Christ wants us to do rather than what we want. That doesn't mean we shouldn't work or look after our families, but a lot of our free time could be used more effectively in service for Him. The important thing is to at least be willing, and open to God, in case He has something for you to do; a meeting He wants you to attend or perhaps a person He wants you to go and visit.
Thirdly, 'keep your lamps burning'. It's our duty (and delight), to spend as much time alone as we can to keep the fire of the Spirit burning within us. Read the word and pray. There is nothing more effective in dampening this fire than disobedience to God. Sin! It has a fearful effect on our spiritual lives when we deliberately choose to do something we know we shouldn't. Fight the impulse with all your strength and remember again and again, keeping the fire burning is your Christian duty.
Therefore, attend to these three simple things 'be dressed', 'ready for service' and 'keep your lamp burning' and you will keep close to God and live a happy, fruitful and successful Christian life.