Thought for the week by pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld

'A light to lighten the Gentiles'
Luke 2:32

Sometimes we can feel quite discouraged about our spiritual life. We feel as if we are not very good Christians: we don't pray enough, or we cannot quite find God the way we want to, or we keep sinning or there are discouraging circumstances in our life. The list can be endless. Generally, we don't need to go looking too hard to find discouragement!

But whatever your state of mind this day remember that your load has been lightened because Christ was given as a light to lighten the Gentiles. A Gentile (anyone who is not Jewish).

Give thanks to Him today for the Light you have. It may not be quite what you are looking for as yet, but at least you have found a measure of that Light that came into the world. List your blessings, 'name them one by one', as the old hymn says, and as you do your Light will increase and Joy will abound within you.

There is no bigger weapon against discouragement than Joy! It disperses every shadow, winge and moan.

'In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.' 1 Thessalonians 5:18

One day, you will be satisfied. One day you will see Him face to face, and then you will be very glad that you have given thanks in everything.