by Struthers Cumbernauld

'Do everything without grumbling or arguing.'

Phil 2:14

There are lots of different kinds of people in the world with lots of different dispositions. Some seem to be more contented whilst others are born always striving for something they can never quite have! 

Whatever your disposition there are times when we can all have a moan about something. Sometimes it's because we have too much to do; other times because we don't have enough to do! The pressures in many work places seem to be increasing. There are many who haven't been able to get work. 

Whatever your position and disposition can we take up this verse as our motto for the week? Whatever you have to do, do it cheerfully 'as unto the Lord' so that He may be well pleased with the condition of our hearts. Whenever you hear yourself about to have a grumble stop! Make it your rule for the week not to complain. More than this, make it your rule to say something nice and cheerful. 

Your circumstances may be trying and indeed should be, if you are following Christ with all your heart. Let us choose to put on happiness and turn grumbling and arguing away from the door of our hearts this week. Try it and find out the difference it can make when we choose to deny ourselves the right to complain and instead put on the happiness of a child of God.