Thought for the week by pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld

'I will call them my people who are not my people;
And I will call her 'my loved one' who is not my loved one.'

Rom 9:25

What a lovely word for those of us who have chosen to follow Christ! How well we know that we are not by nature the people of God but because He set His love upon us we are.

As we journey through our days we can be conscious, that despite our mistakes, there is One in heaven who loves us and has set His heart upon us. Someone who calls us His loved one.

What confidence it gives in life to know that we are children of the Creator; not because of what we have done but simply because He has chosen to set His love upon us.

Words cannot express the confidence, satisfaction and sense of fulfilment this brings. To know we truly belong to our God brings great joy. No problem is insurmountable with our great God to help.

The Christian need not be the weak, anxious individual he is often depicted to be. He can be strong, joyful and an overcomer in life.

As you begin another new day with its joys and worries go with this confidence that you have a great God and a wonderful Christ to help you, encourage you and take care of you each moment.