Thought for the week by Pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld

'The sailors rejoiced because the waves grew quiet, and he led them to the harbour they desired.' Psalm 107:30

This was one of the verses I used on Sunday morning when preaching to our church in Wendover. It really caught my eye and lived for me.

The sailors/Christians rejoiced because the rough waves/times had grown quiet. Not only that but our beloved Christ led them not to a harbour but to the harbour they wanted more than anything else.

It's a lovely picture of Christ dealing with the rough waves in our lives and leading us to Himself; the harbour of peace.

What is the desired harbour? Surely one of complete peace; of safety and security; of eternal joy and best of all nearness to Christ. When we are nearest to Him then we are at our happiest and most satisfied. A harbour of the revelation of His eternal glory and beauty.

Try catching an image with your natural eye as it brings a sense of what that desired haven could be like. Outside the haven the waves are rough and the winds strong. Inside, not a ripple on the water, calm reflections and the shining of the sun on the water causing a brilliance of light.

What will it be when we really reach our desired haven? It will be heaven. A sense of relief, the battles all over; that relentless cold wind no longer holding you back; no longer an unsteadiness under foot; no longer the sound of wind and waves persistently battering against your ears and face. Suddenly silence, calm, peace, glory and Christ.

Hold on to this thought when the storm is raging around you. Remember:

'He calmed the storm, and the waves grew silent.' Psalm 107:29

... 'and the sailors rejoiced.'