Thought for the week by pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld

'And the Lord God arranged for a leafy plant to grow there, and soon it spread its broad leaves over Jonah’s head, shading him from the sun. This eased his discomfort, and Jonah was very grateful for the plant.'

Jonah 4:6

We forget how our Lord cares for the small details surrounding our lives. Often, we don't hand all the small things over to Him because we think they are too small to bother Him.

This was a small thing God did. It was too hot for Jonah so God provided a leafy plant. It was not just any plant: it was the right plant. It was one that would give enough shade to ease Jonah's discomfort.

It's actually quite a remarkable story. How often have we been too hot, too cold, too overwhelmed, too stressed, too depressed or too irritable to deal with something. Let your Lord, the One who has counted the very hairs on your head, send you a leafy plant to cover your head from the sun and ease your discomfort.

He might not choose to change circumstances for you but He will help in the midst of them.

Our duty is to accept the leafy shade and let it bring the relief and ease we need for the next part of the journey.