Thought for the week by pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld


'To everyone who is victorious I will give fruit from the tree of life in the paradise of God.'

Rev 2:7

Eating fruit from the tree of life in paradise sounds like the most idyllic holiday possible.


So often we save our pennies all through the bleak winter months in order to have that fortnight in the sun to relax and recharge our batteries. How often we do without, so that we can save up. We have a lovely time away but when we come home and return to work within a few days our holiday feelings have all disappeared.


One day we will be in the Paradise of God. It won't be for two weeks and then back to the grind, but for all eternity. One day we'll be in the warmth of His Son all the time. We'll no longer be tired or weary or stressed but content, happy, at home and relaxed and, more than this, full of praise to our God who has done all things well.


Meanwhile, in the same way we work hard for our holidays we must work hard for the kingdom of God. The Bible says:


'So, dear brothers and sisters, work hard to prove that you really are among those God has called and chosen. Do these things, and you will never fall away.' 2 Peter 1:10


I don't think the Christian should go round in life longing to die but I do think at the back of all our minds there should be that thought: one day I will be with Him. If I am victorious then I will be in Paradise. I will eat the most delicious ripe and juicy fruit from the tree of life. One day I will be on holiday forever and enjoy eternal rest! It's something we should look forward to. It can be the goal that drives us on when we are weary with well doing. It can be the joy we set before us when we battle with temptation. We work hard so that one day we can be at rest.


'So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while.'  1 Peter 1:6