Thought for the week by Pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld

'Thy kingdom come.' Matt 6:10

These are words that we have heard so often before and yet do we understand the depth of their meaning?

'Thy kingdom come' means basically that we are looking for Christ to come and reign. When a king takes over a kingdom he expects that nation to follow his rules and give their loyalty to him. In the same way as we pray 'thy kingdom come' we are accepting the kingship of Christ, His laws and rules and we are expected to give our loyalty and allegiance to Him. I love the thought of praying 'thy kingdom come' in my home, in my life, in my job, in my classroom and wherever I go. I love the thought of the kingdom of God being all round me everywhere. Let heaven come on earth.  Let there be peace, light, love and liberty in our hearts as we choose to allow the kingdom of God to be established in our lives. Let the presence of God within that kingdom affect every member of my household, every colleague I work with in fact everyone I meet. That kingdom is full of light. You can't help but feel happiness when it's around you. It's like heaven on earth.

When the kingdom of God comes within us, our hearts are filled with all forms of godliness. All the things we want to do, but can't do by ourselves, we can when the kingdom has come. We find new strength, new patience, new kindness new levels of tolerance in situations, new understanding, new wisdom in dealing with others and new thoughtfulness. It opens up our minds and hearts so we are no longer narrow and blinkered as if we were the only ones that were right. We are able to see things from other's points of view. We are able to do this because the kingdom has come within us and given us light. We no longer need to hang on to our tiny view point because now we can see from His.

When the kingdom is come we are made complete. Our searching is over for we have found our home in the well beloved of our souls, Jesus Christ.