Thought for the week by Pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld

'So God caused water to gush out of a hollow in the ground at Lehi, and Samson was revived as he drank. Then he named that place “The Spring of the One Who Cried Out,” and it is still in Lehi to this day.' Judges 15:19


In Scotland it's not something we appreciate, the idea of being thirsty and not being able to get a drink. We must be one of the most fortunate countries in the world with some of the best drinking water available whenever we want it. We don't appreciate what it must be like to be faint or need revived with a drink of cool, clear water.


However I think many of us appreciate what it is to find our spirits thirsty. We come home from work tired, sometimes exhausted, only to start on the next set of jobs, making the tea, seeing to the family etc. By the time we've sat down in an evening we're feeling pretty done in.


In this story, Samson the mighty warrior of God, had fought long and hard. He too was exhausted and needed revived. One long drink from the hollow in the ground revived him again.


It depicts our spiritual life. We grow tired and weary. Sometimes there isn't a drink of the water of life to hand. Like Samson we have to cry out to God for that refreshing touch. He will revive us again.


This weekend, I had the privilege of leading a gentleman to Christ. He came to our Sunday morning service and was asking questions about parts of the service. I discovered he had been seeking to find Christ for many years and had never found Him despite, visiting lots of different churches and attending many services. He didn't know he could be saved. He didn't know all he had to do was to come to Christ and seek forgiveness from past sin, accept Him into his life and begin to walk afresh. When he realised this was available for him he wanted prayer. How he wanted prayer! He got a lovely touch from God. At the end of our prayer together he said he felt whiter than the snow! Isn't that lovely? What could be nicer than a person so forgiven and restored they feel revived with new life. This gentleman had come to the well and had a wonderful drink of the water of life.


That water is available to each one of us. It reaches into the deeps within us and brings us peace, cleansing and reviving again. Make sure you take some time out to come to the well to drink deep and long today so that your tired and weary spirit might indeed be revived.