Thought for the week by pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld


'The Lord shall increase you more and more, you and your children.' Psalm 115:14


Sometimes it's good to meditate on the positive promises of God to help build one's faith and confidence in Him.

Over the years I've watched the hand of God at work; heard the whisper of His voice; understood His plans and then watched the fulfilment of them either in my own life, in another or within the church. It's been a privilege to stand on the 'wall' and watch the Spirit of God move.

As I looked round last night at our fairly full church service I couldn't help reflecting on His past promises and felt grateful for everything He has done.

There was a day when I felt led by the Spirit to pray He would establish works of God in various towns across our county . To date we see four meetings running simultaneously across North Lanarkshire. God is with us!

And yet it's not a time to be resting on our laurels (whatever that means!) but rather to continue to pray and watch on the 'wall' for the further action of God.

Recently, He gave me the above verse. It is His will that the work of God will grow. He will continue to bless us and increase our number. Not only will the work grow under my care but my children will be used to bring others into the church.

When a farmer goes forth to harvest his crops, he doesn't do it with a heavy heart, but with the knowledge that his work will be prosperous. Let us also go forth into the harvest fields, knowing that God has given us such a promise, and He will fulfil it. We will come home with our sheaves. He will increase us more and more.

Meditate on this promise. Let your heart be encouraged and go forward in the work of God with faith, enthusiasm and strength knowing God is with you to bless you.