Thought for the week by Pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld

'He lets me rest in green meadows;' Psalm 23:2

I believe there is a place in heaven just like this. Why, because I've been there!

A bold statement to make but a true one. Once in prayer Jesus took me there. It was the most delightful, restful paradise I could possibly describe. A place where every burden I had was laid down; every hurt I had received was gone; every troubling thought was put to rest - they didn't belong to me anymore.

The surroundings were perfect, they matched the beauty and restfulness of that inner moment; lush green grass, wide open fields, perfect tranquility and total safety and security. There couldn't have been a more beautiful place. A bit like a perfect moment on holiday when even for a few minutes every care and stress has  completely gone.

It's available to all of us in this life not just the next. That moment of stillness when every care can be laid aside and your spirit is totally relaxed. The moment when you can truly feed on Christ. The next verse says:

'He renews my strength.' Psalm 23:3

This is what happens here. Our strength is renewed as if it were given to us for the first time.

Why do so many Christians go around so tired, weary, feeling as if they are fighting all day long? Is it because they  don't know there is such a place to renew their strength?

Take time out this week to meditate on these two half verses. Don't pray about them, just think about them, let them sink deep into your soul until you get that overwhelming feeling that He is leading YOU into those green meadows, those rolling hills with wide open spaces and let your soul soak up His strength and anointing once again.