Thought for the week by pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld

 ‘By night on my bed I sought him.’ Song of Songs 3:1

Bed is not really the best place to find Christ unless you have no choice in the matter, then it’s the best place! For most of us who are able to get out of bed, getting up is the best method to find Christ. I find a cup of strong coffee helps too!

It’s one of the main reasons for Christians failing in their walk with God because they haven’t taken the time to seek Him before their day begins. Whether it’s five minutes or an hour you can spare, it’s still good to have a special time when you seek Him.

But what happens when you don’t find Him? Do you turn over and go back to sleep, if you’re still in bed, or if you’re like the lady in this story do you become more determined to find Him?

‘I will rise now.’ (Verse 2)

This seeking lady still didn’t find Christ even though she had made an effort, but she never gave up. Instead, she went out into the broad ways and met some watchmen. These watchmen represent church workers. She asked them if they had seen Him and it was only a little distance further on when she found Christ.

So what did she do then? She certainly wasn’t casual about her findings.

‘I found him whom my soul loveth. I held him and would not let him go.’ (Verse 4)

Sometimes our Lord appears difficult to find, not because He is far away, but because He wants us to really treasure Him when we find Him. This lady certainly did. She held on to Christ and wouldn’t let Him go.

It’s a beautiful story, told in a very few verses, and one that we should practice in our lives. Sadly, laziness, unbelief and business prevent us from finding the One our souls really want to love.

When you find Him it makes all the difference in all the world. You become a complete person, no longer pining after this or that because you are now at Home in God. No more restless seeking; no more wondering what is the point to life, or your purpose in life. You’ve found the One who will guide you and help you fulfil your calling.

Have you found Him already?  Have you been in a room which has been filled with His presence? Were you filled with a quiet peace suddenly knowing what you were to do? I hope you didn’t let Him go! If you did, seek Him again until you find Him. He will be found, He’s not far away!

In truth, everything else may fade from our gaze or fall through our fingers like sand: health and strength, youthful energies, friendships and even your career; but if you have Christ, then life goes on shining for you.

You may be alone but you have found Him ‘whom your soul loves’. Since your soul is the very kernel of who and what you are, then everything is in its rightful place within you because your soul has found Him. You can be blissfully content with very little because you have so much, even Christ.