Thought for the week by pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld

 ‘At this, I woke up and looked around. My sleep had been very sweet.’

Jeremiah 31:26

Have you ever noticed the moment you waken can be particularly pleasant? If you’ve had a good night and feel well rested you waken feeling good.

This morning I woke feeling very relaxed. The sound of birdsong outside, mingled with the sense of peace within, was delightful. I lay for a few minutes just absorbing the peace and thinking, this is one of these special moments when the presence of God draws near. Sometimes these peculiar moments happen just before a difficult time, as if the Spirit of God was preparing and equipping you for a future event. When these moments happen take note of them. They are often a signal from heaven.

What I noticed next was, as I came to, my mind was suddenly galvanised into action! I had lots to think about and that special moment was past and gone forever. Thankfully I had not only sensed it, but it had been food to my soul before it was gone.

In nature, there are many such moments. The sound of birdsong first thing in the morning, the shining of dew on the lawn, the quietness of evening, the first star appearing. Most of these happen every day, and yet we in our busyness miss them. We are so consumed with what’s happening around us that we miss the moment when God speaks and stills our soul. How strong we would be as Christians if we learned to pause and find His presence! Our Lord Jesus describes this ability as ‘abiding in Him.’

Would you be the type of Christian who could bring peace to a troubled soul? Then you must learn to recognise these moments when they come to you.

If you would be strong then your roots must go down deeply into His presence and you must drink of Him many times a day. That doesn’t mean spending hours and hours in prayer and study, cutting yourself off from the world, but it means learning to gather strength from every quiet moment He gives you.

Find these times today. Look for them. Take a deep breath, pause, and you will be surprised at how often He accompanies you on your daily journey.