Thought for the week by pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld

 ‘I will lead a life of integrity in my own home.’  Psalm 101:2

A lovely word of the Psalmist for our souls for a bank holiday weekend.

I don’t know if you enjoy being at home; for me it’s a real treat! I love being at home in the quietness, knowing I’ve got a whole day and evening to myself. Time, not to be selfish and self centred, but an opportunity to be filled with integrity and to dwell in His eternal presence.

What does integrity mean? It means being upright, honest, fair minded, truthful and having a good character. It means being at peace within yourself, content with what you have in whatever situation you find yourself. It means having a clear open attitude towards God with no hidden motives or secret thoughts. Having integrity means your conscience is completely clear before God. This leads to a happy spirit and an overwhelming joy in life itself. We don’t need adventures or parties or even social media to cheer us: we have the very presence of God in our own homes.

This is the kernel of our personal walk with Christ; let Him be central in every situation that presents itself to us. We are not always in control of these situations but we can be in control of our emotions, thoughts and feelings. We can have an honest and upright view up to heaven if we put all things right and make our peace with God.

Look for integrity right into the depths of your personality. Let there be no deceitfulness, no lies within you, even towards yourself. Let Truth flood you. Look at yourself and at life through Christ’s eyes and find integrity in every part of your being. Then you will have the joy of your salvation. Your cup will overflow and your head will be anointed with oil. Then we will not only live a life of integrity but of praise to Him who has helped us.